Our Purpose is to inform people about each other's culture and to promote unity and diversity.

WorldBeat Center provides a needed opportunity for expanded awareness andappreciation of the African Diaspora by all San Diego's residents and many visitors. we feel that there must be a visible multicultural presence in San Diego and that this presence should take the form of a facility providing ongoing programs and services for children, the elderly and everyone in-between.

WorldBeat Productions works to achieve this goal through the establishment of WorldBeat Center, which will celebrate the indigenous world cultures of African descent, from the South Pacific to Brazil and Africa, as well as African-American folk art from the Missippi Delta to the Sea Islands off the Carolinas.

The center is dedicated to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of his vision to expand the awareness and appreciation of American racial diversity as a means for promoting peace.

Through collaborative programming, the WorldBeat Center and the Centro Cultural de la Raza share an outdoor amphitheater situated between the two cultural centers and used for ceremonial dances and other rituals. The WorldBeat Center is a combination performance and workshop space that presents art exhibits, film festivals and other performing arts events, as well as workshops on Black history and culture, sound engineering, lighting design, broadcasting and video production. It also serves as a clearing house for small, engineering organizations, such as the African-American Writers and Artists and Teye Sa Thiosanne. Outreach programs afford the community at large continuous and frequent access to the many forms of artistic expression generated by the center.

We instituted the Global Exchange Program for Native Americans, African-Americans and Chicanos, which affords them the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures worldwide.

The center is operated and maintained by WorldBeat Productions and offered to other nonprofit organizations such as Black Writers and Artists, the Rights of Passage Foundation, Harlem 21 and the San Diego Civic Chorale Academy of Musical Arts. As such, the facility provides a centralized forum for various African-American organizations citywide to collaborate in a highly visible presention and celebration of Black folk art and culture.
"We need to come together and choose a new direction. We need to transform our society into one in which people live in true harmony among nations, harmony among the races of humankind, and harmony with nature..."

- Rev. Jesse Jackson
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