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Maxi & Makeda

Pato Banton

Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization
A S C A C African Reconnection Program

Capoeira Angola Sao Bento Grande: African Reconnection Program with Prof. Dennis Newsome

To accomplish our promotions and activities, WorldBeat Productions relies heavily on the work of committed volunteers and supporters. We have also received funding from the California Arts Council, COMBO, and the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.
We need volunteers to help distribute flyers, make telephone calls, and do the necessary fundraising work for the WorldBeat Center
All contributions are greatly appreciated. As a nonprofit organization, donations to the WorldBeat Center and WorldBeat Productions are tax deductible.


calendar - other events at the WorldBeat Center, featuring reggae and African music & culture or the notable work of our good friends

classes & regular meetings - at the WorldBeat Center

purpose & programs - more information about the WorldBeat Center

place - location of the WorldBeat Center

for more information, contact

Makeda Dread

Listen to Reggae Makosa Sunday nights 8-10pm on 91X radio.

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catch WorldBeat Community Radio on KWBC 89.1 FM

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